What is a preset?

A preset is a set of photo edits that you can apply to your pictures to change the look and feel of them. My presets are designed to be a 'once-click edit', meaning you can apply the preset and your editing is done!

What is your most versatile preset?

My Blushing preset is my most versatile. It looks amazing with interior design photos, lifestyle, outdoors, food photography, etc. This is also my own personal preset that I use over on my IG feed.

What do I need before I can use your presets?

You will need the free Lightroom mobile app. You can find it in your app store!

I have no idea how to use presets! Will I be able to use yours?

Yes! I would say the majority of my customers that purchase my presets have never used a preset before. I have designed mine to be really easy to use, and for the most part they are a one-click edit. As always though, if you ever have questions or need help with adjustments please send me a message!

Why is my download starting and then stopping halfway?

Check the amount of space you have on your device. If there isn't enough, the download cannot complete.

What if I delete my preset file, where can I find it again?

After you download your preset, I recommend emailing it to yourself so you will have a copy on hand. Please feel free to reach out to me though if you have any issues!

I can't find my download in my phone

Unfortunately, I can't be sure where every phone saves the download files, you will have to look that up or search in your phone. I have an android S9 and every download is automatically saved into a specific folder labelled as a 'downloads' folder.

Iphones save to a 'files' app, so check there first, however, some people, depending on how their phones are set up, have found their presets saved to their icloud as well.

Can I use these presets for desktop editing?

Unfortunately no. I made these presets specifically for mobile editing and to use with the free mobile Lightroom App. They won't work with any other platform. I do have plans to release desktop presets in the future though!

My preset doesn't look like yours does? Why?

Take note your photo has different lighting than mine, and the colours/tones in the photo. They won't necessarily look like the same edit if the unedited photos are very different in the ways I mentioned.

However, if the preset doesn't look like it saved right (this has happened a few times in Lightroom, the issue usually being a glitch within the app). To fix it, simply delete the Lightroom app and download it again. You may need to install the preset again after deleting Lightroom. I find that this fixes the problem 100% of the time. Feel free to contact me though if you're still having issues!