AIRY Mobile Lightroom Preset
AIRY Mobile Lightroom Preset
AIRY Mobile Lightroom Preset
AIRY Mobile Lightroom Preset
AIRY Mobile Lightroom Preset
AIRY Mobile Lightroom Preset

AIRY Mobile Lightroom Preset

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Airy is a really soft, neutral preset with subtle blush pink undertones. I created it to give photos a glowy, ethereal look. It's such a pretty, feminine preset that can be used for lifestyle photos, home decor and interior design.



Included in this download are:

- The Airy Preset dng. file
- Installation Guide

You WILL need to unzip the file to access the preset and guide. There are several ways to do this. On a computer, double clicking the .zip file should open it up into the 2 separate files. On an Iphone, you can use 'winzip', 'izip', etc. and I believe the files then get saved in the 'files app'. There are many different free apps to allow you to unzip the file. For an android (which I have) they automatically unzip on your phone.

Every phone is different though, so make sure you have the proper app for this before downloading. You can Google which one works best for you.

There is a download limit! Please make sure you have the app to unzip your folder and Lightroom App downloaded beforehand.

Save the preset to your phone or computer after you have downloaded it.


While these presets are a one-click edit most of the time, some photos (mine included when editing them) will need certain adjustments depending on the lighting and colour tones in the photo you are editing.

It is most common to make adjustments with the exposure and warmth in a photo. To adjust exposure (brightness), click the 'light' tab in your editing options and adjust exposure to brighten or darken your photo. To change the warmth or orange tones in a photo, there are two ways to do this. The first way is to click the 'colour' tab in your editing options and adjust the temperature slightly. The second option, which will help if skin tones or warm wood/furniture is showing up 'too orange". Click the same colour wheel tab as I mentioned above in the editing options, then click the 'mix' button (it will be a little colour wheel icon). Several colour options will pop up, click the orange one and then adjust the saturation or luminance to correct a 'too orange' tone in your photos.

As always, if you need any help with this please feel free to either email me or dm me through Instagram (@theblushhome).


I'm SO excited for you to use my presets and I would love to see your photos on Instagram! Share on IG with the hashtag #theblushhomepresets on your photos, I would love to give you a shoutout in my stories!


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